BookArc stand for the Apple iPad

I bought the BookArc stand for a number of reasons…

  • so I could prop the iPad up and place it in front of my Apple Bluetooth keyboard
  • so I could prop the iPad next to my MacBook Pro and use the iPad as an extra screen
  • so I could run a photo slideshow or clock/timer

Here’s my youngest son, Felix, typing an email to a relative in the UK, giving them an update on our new life here in Abu Dhabi!…



The price of the BookArc is US$39.99 with free shipping within the US. It’s quite heavy, made of gauge steel, with 4 grey rubber feet, and a notch cut in on side so you can just about press the Home button while the iPad is on the stand.

It comes with 2 rubber inserts which I found to be a b-gger to fit! One is wider than the other to accommodate an iPad in a rubber sleeve, but it’s still too narrow to fit my rubber-enclosed iPad.

The inserts allow you to have the iPad stand vertically or tilt backwards a little.

I love it though!

Christopher John Payne

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