Create A Comic app for iPhone / iPad

I earn money helping people handle the challenges in their lives: relationship issues, dealing with difficult people, depression, money worries etc, so I have a site at to promote this business.

I found a great app for the iPhone called Create A Comic – though I use it on my iPad. (If you click on that link you’ll find a video of the app in action there which programmer Aamir produced.)

I used this app to create simple comics to show some of the ‘unusual’ dialogues that can go on between people, and then talk about these dialogues in an article on my Triumph site.

The app allows me to create 1- to -3-pane stories, and place characters on the left and/or right of each frame, then add speech bubbles.

Here’s one example of what I created on my iPad for an article about challenges people have in relationships based on work I have done with struggling couples…






You’ll find 2 other ones I created here and here.

Aamir has updated the app now so the characters are now in full colour, and you can import backgrounds too. To be honest I’ve not downloaded this yet as I much prefer the greyscale images above.

(I emailed Aamir a link to my comics, and looking at his new version, he has added an apple and an orange to the objects you can drop into your comic creations! Very thoughtful!)

Create A Comic costs 69p / 99 cents.

Christopher John Payne

Chris helps coaches, trainers and consultants to double or triple their net income by optimising their website, product funnel, pricing structure, and more. He lives just outside London, England. His main site is at