Create beautiful music every time with the Sound Fields app for the iPhone

The video below is of my 8-year-old son Felix, engrossed in making music with my Apple iPad while my 11-year-old son Toby looks on.

He’s using an app called Sound Fields for the iPhone, so we tapped the 2x button on the iPad screen to fill the screen, which is just fine.

The app has 3 background tracks to choose from, and 4 different lead synthesiser sounds. You move your finger over the screen to create the lead line, but what makes this app so much fun is that, wherever you move your finger, the music sounds in tune!

Felix seems to have a good sense of rhythm, and what ‘works’ in music.

Anyway here’s Felix on his second ‘go’ with the app. His first go lasted 5 minutes…

Sound Fields was created by a guy called Alex Zolotov, who I’m very grateful to as we are having so much fun making music with it. A bargain at £1.29 / US$1.99.

I’ll add some screengrabs soon.

Christopher John Payne

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