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Review: Air Display for iPad: more screen real estate

Do you wish you had a bigger screen?

Or are you debating whether to get an 11-inch, 13-inch, 15-inch or 17-inch MacBook?

You may want to consider getting an iPad 2, if you haven’t already got one, and the low-cost Air Display app.

This app enables you to site the iPad 1 or 2 to the right or left of your MacBook (or PC laptop for that matter) – and drag windows or palettes across to it.

In other words, if you’re buying a new MacBook, instead of getting a 15-inch model, you may consider getting an 11-inch MacBook Air and an iPad 2 and using them together – at a combined price that could be less than a 15-inch model.

In my setup below, I have my iPad to the right of my 17-inch MacBook Pro, where I’m editing a post on one of my site, and I’ve dragged a Safari window to the iPad so I can see what the post looks like in a browser…


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