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BookArc stand for the Apple iPad

I bought the BookArc stand for a number of reasons…

  • so I could prop the iPad up and place it in front of my Apple Bluetooth keyboard
  • so I could prop the iPad next to my MacBook Pro and use the iPad as an extra screen
  • so I could run a photo slideshow or clock/timer

Here’s my youngest son, Felix, typing an email to a relative in the UK, giving them an update on our new life here in Abu Dhabi!…


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Rubber skin for the Apple iPad

As I have 2 young sons, and all our floors are tiled, I thought it would be wise to get a rubber skin for my iPad!

This one cost me £2.99 + 99p p&p from ebay.co.uk — about $6 in total. It was posted direct from Hong Kong so it took about a week to arrive…


Here’s another photo from the side…


…and you may notice that the volume controls are covered in rubber, but still easy to adjust.

The case is easy to put on and take off: I need to take it off to put in my BookArc stand (see separate post).

Overall: a great skin I have on my iPad all the time it’s not in the BookArc stand.

ColorSplash for iPad

This is a lovely app.

Grab any photo from your library, and bring it into ColorSplash. It converts it into greyscale, then as you rub the screen with your finger, the original colour under your finger is revealed again.

It can sometimes be easier to get the edges right by zooming in and pressing the red button at the top of the screen to see the image this way…

For example, here is a photo of my son Felix when he was 5 with some presents he got for his birthday where I have used ColorSplash to make everything greyscale, apart from the cars and warning signs…


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