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Track your time with Eternity Time Log

I love to work, and I love being productive when I work…

I have always been fascinated by how to work more efficiently and get the most from my work time and leisure time. I have tried keeping time logs manually in the past but only managed to keep this up for a few days before losing interest.

Until… I came across an app called Eternity Time Log for the iPad and iPhone written by Marcin Komorek at Komorian Software.

So what do people use Eternity for? I emailed Marcin, the app’s developer, and he kindly replied as follows…

It seems to be so many things to so many people. Professionals and freelancers use it to track their time spent on projects, with clients and use it to charge accordingly. Some users just like that it forces them to structure their daily lives. For some the simple fact of having to tap start for everything they do make them rethink and revaluate what they pick next. Some like the fact that you can only track one thing at a time and they literally don’t want me to implement multiple timers. Some are just employees wondering where their 8 hours of day job goes and would like to have some fun showing their bosses a very detailed report :) Some want to know how they spend their time to secure healthy doses of productive work and guilt-free-play. Some just gather the data to be exported to Excel where you can do things you can’t on iPhone or iPad. For me it’s a combination of things: focus, productive work, guilt free play. So the app is not to answer the question what time tracking will do for you. It’s more like asking questions: Are you consciously spending your time? Do you know what were you doing? Do you think you should know? And why? Some users already know and are looking for such an app and some will just start wondering (I hope).
Marcin Komorek

I have been using this app for 3 months and I am in seventh heaven. This app – for me – is so well designed that I am still using it every day, and loving it!

What makes Eternity Time Log so wonderful is that it is simply so elegant and easy to use.

I bought the paid version once I gave the free Lite version a brief try out.

My 12-year-old son, Toby, still uses the Lite version to log when he starts and stops doing his homework every day so I can check that he’s doing a minimum of 5 hours a week of concentrated work.

Here are some photos I grabbed from the Komorian Software website

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