My home screen

Here is a screen dump of my home screen.

If you don’t know, you can take a ‘photo’ of any screen on your iPad by holding down the Power and Home buttons.

The background shot is of my youngest son (I have 2 boys).

I used ColorSplash for iPad to turn the colour photo into black and white, then I ‘painted’ back in the colour of the toy cars at the bottom of the screen.

iPad home screen.PNG

It’s a pure fluke that the first 8 apps all have blue in them! (Or I think it is!)

I’ll post info about all of these in due course in separate posts.

Oh yes: you’ll see that I have 6 icons on the Dock at the bottom of the screen: there are only 4 there on a brand new iPad. To get 2 more there, simply tap on any icon and hold until the icons start to wiggle and an X appears in the corner of each one. Then just drag an icon onto the Dock. Press the Home button to get out of ‘wiggle/move/delete app’ mode.

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